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Delver Lens (DL) is a scanner for Magic the Gathering cards designed to organize your collection.
You can use DL to point your phone's camera to cards and quickly get a list of all the cards you own.
You can also check card prices, build decks, buy and sell cards.
Google Play APK (Combined ABI)
Android only at the moment
No expected date for Apple's iOS



  • Shows how to get the best condition for scanning cards.
  • No glare, no shadows, good lighting, and high contrast between card and surface are the most important factors.
  • Understanding when the recognition performs best, you can better handle recognition in challenging situations like when scanning a binder on-the-wild.
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  • Shows how to send scanned cards to different websites.
  • Different websites may have slightly different card and set names. You'll likely need to adjust some names manually.
  • Can also generate CSV files compatible with Microsoft Excel.
Have questions? Send me an email 
  • Shows how to send scanned cards to different websites.
  • Different websites may have slightly different card and set names. You'll likely need to adjust some names manually.
  • Can also generate CSV files compatible with Microsoft Excel.
Have questions? Send me an email 
  • Shows how transfer your collection from the old to the new Delver.
  • The new Delver version is temporarily named "Delver Lens N".
  • This tutorial is only useful if you installed Delver before January 15, 2021.
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  • Version 5.79
    • Updated database with new cards
    • Adding new preset for TopDecked
  • Version 5.78
    • Updated database with new cards
    • Renaming "Don't scan promos" to "Filter out online/alt/promos"
    • Fix card swiping when tapping an entry on the main screen search result
  • Version 5.77
    • Fix recognition
  • Version 5.76
    • Fix Moxfield and TCGplayer CSV export presets
    • Fix 3 dots button on lists and cards not responsive with scrollbar visible
    • Fix not being able to import dlens file
  • Version 5.75
    • New preset for Card Conduit
    • Update database and fix inconsistent etched foils
    • Fix issue Downloading CSV files
  • Version 5.73 - 5.74
    • Phyrexia: All Will be One
    • Display collector's number on enlarged card image
    • New CSV column for MKM product ID
    • New preset for TCGplayer Direct
    • Fix scroll is too small in large lists
    • Fix sorting number when changing collector's number
    • Fix naming inconsistencies with Megatron // Blightsteel Colossus and other double sided cards
    • Fix potential crash when creating backup files
  • Version 5.72
    • Adding some missing cards
    • New sort option by price variation %
    • New [NUMBER] option for URL shortcut
    • [EDITION_CODE] URL shortcut is now lowercase
  • Version 5.71
    • Dominaria Remastered
    • Fix more set symbol
  • Version 5.70
    • New option to export create date
    • Fix Jumpstart recognition
    • Fix BRR set symbol
  • Version 5.69
    • New options to export edition code as uppercase
  • Version 5.68
    • Fixing various database issues
  • Version 5.66 - 5.67
    • Adding missing BRO cards
    • Using set language, condition, foil in manual added cards in scanner screen
    • Fixed rotating screen resets language, condition, foil in scanner screen
  • Version 5.64 - 5.65
    • The Brothers' War
    • Fixed duplicated etched foil entries
  • Version 5.63
    • Fix missing non-etched foils in MH1 and MH2 (still some duplicated entries, working on a fix)
  • Version 5.61 - 5.62
    • Fix exporting CSVs in Android 10 or lower
    • Escape '_' to allow adding Unfinity cards
  • Version 5.58 - 5.60
    • Some more surge foils from 40k
    • Fix importing large backup files
  • Version 5.57
    • Fix etched foils showing twice as card entries
    • Fix many pricing issues, mainly on MKM
  • Version 5.56
    • Warhammer 40k
    • Adding set symbol to enlarged card view
  • Version 5.55
    • Updated database with some missing cards
    • Fix importing collector's number
  • Version 5.50 - 5.54
    2022/08/22 - 2022/08/26
    • Updated database with some missing cards
    • Fix copying cards doesn't copy foil status
    • Fix colorless incorrect grouping by color
  • Version 5.49
    • Fix crash when opening recognition
  • Version 5.46 - 5.48
    • Updating database with more cards
    • Adding a card in "Maybe" that's already in "Main" or "Side" will make the title red (can use to verify a deck)
  • Version 5.45
    • Double Masters
    • New option to show list names when grouping by "owned"/"being used"
  • Version 5.44
    • Adding option to change language and condition from 3 dots card menu
    • Updated database with latest scryfall data
    • Fix bug restoring old backup files
  • Version 5.43
    • Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's Gate cards
  • Version 5.42
    • New column in export for Frame Type (regular, extended, borderless, showcase)
    • New Capenna promo cards
    • Some other missing cards
  • Version 5.41
    • New column in export for Reserved List cards
    • Increased free limit for exporting to <= 105
    • Added preset for UrzaGatherer
    • Added more fields to Moxfield deck export
    • New Capenna Gilded Foils not scanned by default
  • Version 5.40
    • New Capenna - Commander
    • New Capenna - Art
  • Version 5.39
    • Streets of New Capenna
  • Version 5.38
    • Update database with Secret Lair cards
    • Fix can't write file when attempting to generate CSV files
  • Version 5.37
    • Update database with NEO Art Cards
    • Changed link for subscription to Google's form to cancel subscriptions
  • Version 5.36
    • Update database with NEO Tokens and promos
    • Fix "can't access local files" when trying to download CSV files
    • Fix some MKM pricing
  • Version 5.35
    • Update database with NEO Tokens and promos
    • Update NEO set symbol
    • Fix copying cards not copying foil status
  • Version 5.34
    • Update database with fixes to NEO and adding NEO Commander Precons
  • Version 5.33
    • Update database with NEO
    • Adding missing etched Signet SLD
  • Version 5.32
    • List filter now can filter by legality
    • Reverted displaying list names when "grouping/sorting" by "Owned"/"Being used". The database structure is not prepared to do this efficiently
    • Fix app not scanning A variants in Alliances
    • Fix Moxfield export Edition field
  • Version 5.31
    • Fix potential "Can't connect with Google Play"
  • Version 5.29 - 5.30
    2021/12/31 - 2022/01/02
    • Fix slowdown
  • Version 5.28
    • Updated database (hopefully all etched from MH2 are here now)
    • New presets for Moxfield deck and collection
    • Fix minimum price with foreign currency
  • Version 5.27
    • Updated database
    • You can now search UBW as color in advanced search
    • Fix Unstable cards with same name but wrong rules text
  • Version 5.26
    • Updated database
    • Fix Card Kingdom buylist links
    • Fix creating CSV file in the Downloads folder
  • Version 5.25
    • New option to add a cooldown time between scanned cards
    • + button creates a copy rather than increment quantity
    • Move/copy shortcut in WANTs toolbar moves/copy to LISTs, DECKs or WANTs rather than only LISTs
    • Fix MKM pricing for Secret Lair and Zendikar Rising Commander
    • Fix images being added to backup files even if "don't keep images" is unchecked
    • Fix recognizing a bunch of random cards in some specific situations
  • Version 5.24
    • Adding some missing cards from Innistrad: Crimson Vow
    • Fix not being able to manually add digital only cards
  • Version 5.23
    • Innistrad: Crimson Vow
    • Fix moving cards between Main, Side and Maybe board
  • Version 5.22
    • Adding some missing cards like MID art cards and promos
    • Fix export of double faced cards being only "front" rather than "front // back"
    • Fix crash when creating backup file (attempt 3)
  • Version 5.21
    • Fix crash when creating backup file (attempt 2)
  • Version 5.20
    • Updated database
    • Fixed snow symbol display
    • Fixed untap symbol search
    • Fix crash when creating backup file
  • Version 5.19
    • Modern Horizons 2 Etched Foil
    • Hypergeometric information in the statistics window
    • Select cards to display expected number of copies probability of drawing at least one of these in the opening hand (demo)
    • "Add Cards from Edition" only includes front facing card now
  • Version 5.18
    • Adding missing Innistrad: Midnight Hunt cards
    • Small bug fixes
  • Version 5.17
    • Fix download images in bulk in the list menu
    • Fix copy card from enlarged card view
    • Fix scanning crash
  • Version 5.15/5.16
    • Attempt at fixing scanning crash
  • Version 5.14
    • Innistrad: Midnight Hunt
    • Improved scanning speed
    • Fix scanning crash
    • Fix flipping double faced card to wrong version
  • Version 5.11/5.12/5.13
    • Bug fixes from 5.10
  • Version 5.10
    • Database structure is optimize for more cards (can handle 5x more cards gracefully).
    • New option to optimize database in the app's Settings. If you're updating the app, you may want to run this. Create a backup before you optimize your database.
  • Version 5.09
    • Rin and Seri can manually be added to a list
    • Prefer not to use promos when importing text
    • Fix infinite loading with Delver accounts
  • Version 5.08
    • New option to rename deck when importing text
    • Foil/non-foil graph on enlarged card view shows only one curve now (prevent one curve from overwhelming the other)
    • Fix startup slowdown (again)
  • Version 5.07
    • Adding missing promos from Adventures in the Forgotten Realms
    • Adding Jumpstart: Historic Horizons
    • Fix startup slowdown
    • Delver and Dropbox auto-backup should happen more often now
  • Version 5.06
    • Updating database with a few more cards
    • Group by collector's number groups by edition first
    • Revert last changes made on the recognition. Should be slightly slower but should fix crashes.
  • Version 5.05
    • Updating database with missing cards
    • Fix sort by List/Deck/Wants
  • Version 5.04
    • Prevent scanning art promos unless "don't scan promos" is not checked
    • Fixed "VintageVintage" restricted text
    • Remove text suggestion when confirming password when creating a Delver account
    • Fix bug importing very old backup files
  • Version 5.03
    • Adventures in the Forgotten Realms cards
    • Sort/Group by artist
    • Enchantment/Artifact lands sorted/grouped as lands
  • Version 5.02
    • Fixed bug when confirming password on Delver account
  • Version 5.01
    • Fix open file in "Import text"
    • Fix "Deckbox CSV - notradelist"
  • Version 5.00
    • Creating backups for Delver accounts on startup
    • Fix type and text for cards missing them
  • Version 4.99
    • Modern Horizons 2 (missing promos)
    • Fixed MKM pricing
    • Fixed bug when importing text files would import just partially
    • Updated billing library (attempt to fix can't connect with Google Play messages)
  • Version 4.97 - 4.98
    • New option not to group cards
    • Separated order ascending/descending on group and sort
    • Fix Kaldheim MDFCs
  • Version 4.94 - 4.96
    • Fix wrong data like CMC on some cards
    • Fix slow main screen
    • Fix crashes
  • Version 4.93
    • Updated database with Strixhaven (Mystical Archive etched foils have collector's number with an "e")
    • Attempt to fix some crashes
  • Version 4.92
    • Separate options to group and sort by
    • Filter by rarity on the list "filter|manual add" bar
    • Shortcut button for deck notes along the bottom
  • Version 4.89 - 4.91
    • Added breakdown of mana cost by mana value in the statistics page
    • Fixed bug where links couldn't be opened
  • Version 4.88
    • MKM prices back but some prices will be missing
    • A few promos added to the app
  • Version 4.87
    • MKM prices back but with a note that is outdated
  • Version 4.83 - 4.86 (several bug fixes here :])
    • Prices displayed on card headers
    • New option to ignore prices less than X
    • New option to ignore background images in lists
    • MTGO set code now available in CSVs (updated MTGGoldfish preset)
    • Fixed language, condition, tags not in copied cards
    • Removed MKM prices until MKM releases the API again
  • Version 4.82
    • Fixed recognition being stuck every once in a while in some devices
  • Version 4.81
    • Time Spiral Remastered
    • Fixed EchoMTG preset
    • Fixed some MKM prices no KHM and CMR
    • Fixed bug with Delver account
  • Version 4.80
    • Update database with promos and some TSR cards
    • Fixed CardMarket pricing
    • Fixed merging foil cards
    • Fixed LigaMagic preset
  • Version 4.79
    • "Acquired Price" field available in export
    • Fixed potential crash when moving collection from old to new app
  • Version 4.78
    • Updated with Scryfall as of 31/Jan/2021
    • Confirmation dialog when downloading images on card view
    • Prevent Android from deleting a downloaded backup file when Delver is deleted
    • Sharing CSVs and dlens files will always ask for app to open now
    • Recognition now handles corner case when scanning 2 cards with the same name
    • Reduced probability that the app will scan "Plains" since it's a common false positive
    • Fixed crash when copy notification is empty and potential crash when updating prices
    • Fixed issues with price stability for MKM Trend
  • Version 4.77
    • Kaldheim
    • Fixed links to Google Play again
  • Version 4.76
    • Fixed links to Google Play
  • Version 4.75
    • New field to export edition names between parenthesis
    • Dark mode applies to price graph in individual cards
    • Option and dialog to transfer collection from old to new app
  • Version 4.74
    • Fix bug with headers on sort by "Creation Date"
  • Version 4.73
    • Fix another bug with "auto-want"
  • Version 4.71 - 4.72
    • Sort by "insertion" renamed to sort by "creation"
    • Fix bug with "auto-want" and "consider decks"
    • Fixed small crash bugs
  • Version 4.69
    • Display card number on scanning screen
    • Display entire card when changing edition or collector's number
    • Center art crop on list background
    • Update database with Super Drop Secret Lair (Dec/2020)
    • Updated libraries
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